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Michael Withiam

Michael Withiam is a communicator and a leader, all of which he applies to his life as a writer, editor, journalist, business executive, community volunteer, and teacher. You can learn more about Michael by reading his full bio on this blog, visiting his LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, or by contacting him directly.

Getting My Grinch On

Thanksgiving is two weeks away, so I suppose I should give in to the inevitable. Christmas season is here.

It’s really been here since the end of September, but so far, I’ve been able to ignore it. Or at least bury its arrival deep enough in my brain that I didn’t have to deal with it.

Two nights ago, however, as I drove home from work, Christmas crashed through my defenses in a most unpleasant way: a local radio station has started playing Christmas music 24 hours a day.

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Please be Advised

This piece was awarded First Place in the Essay category of the 2010 Ithaca College Literary Writing Contest. “Please be advised your son is missing in action.” “Please be advised your son […]

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