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New Year Evolutions, Part 1

I’ve read article after article this past week about New Year’s resolutions. How to make them. Why to make them. How to forgive yourself when you fail to keep your resolutions. That’s why I avoid making them.

Then I stumbled across an article that prompted me to think differently.

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Pruning Roses

As I continued my thinking, I came to realize I too often cling to things that are seemingly healthy out of fear or indecision, rather than make the cut and allow new growth to start. Thus, I am today less than I could be, and in one sense may forever be less than I might have been.

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Glass Bottles

…I painted a picture as I wrote of a bottle collection…really a bookcase full of bottles. Each bottle was an event or a behavior that shaped me, or affected a period of my life, and by bottling the topic I was defining it, containing it, learning from it, and placing it aside so I could move forward.

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Strong Roses

For most people, the rose carries significance because its many varieties provide combinations of color, texture and fragrance that have been associated with almost any human activity or emotion. Roses help celebrate […]

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