Welcome to The End of the Dock


Welcome to The End of the Dock.

I’ve recently invited several people to visit this space to look at some of my writing and my reasons for sharing it. Thanks for accepting and visiting.

The best way to begin is to look at the tab titled about “The End of the Dock.” That will give you some background. Then look at the pieces below…as time allows.

I truly hope you’ll share your thoughts and reactions to my writing by adding comments or questions. To make a comment, please click on the “leave a comment” link at the bottom of any piece. If you wish to comment on a comment, please open the comment and click on reply.

I also hope you’ll subscribe to this blog by clicking the “Subscribe to” button in the right-hand column. That will generate a notification email to you whenever I post something new that includes a link to the piece.

I’ll also try to let you know when I post new pieces, which I hope to do a couple of times a week, but subscribing is the best way to get notices.

If you are friend on Facebook, I’ll post a status update that will direct you here. If you’re not a friend on Facebook and would like to be, just ask.

Finally, I encourage you to forward the link to anyone you think might be interested, or simply tell them to search Michael Withiam Writes and they’ll find it in any search engine.

Thanks again for visiting.


Writers Write

I call this space At the End of the Dock.

For the longest time I planned to call it “Writers Write.”  I’m thrilled with At the End of the Dock, but it’s important to capture why I liked Writers Write because it speaks to how this all came about.

Writers Write.

Yep. Sure they do. It’s easy. It just happens. Yep.

But as any writer, or anyone who has tried to write or had to write knows full well, writers often don’t write. Writers think about writing, they dream about writing, they try to write, and then they rationalize why they didn’t write. Read more of this post

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