New Year Evolutions, Part 1

I’ve read article after article this past week about New Year’s resolutions. How to make them. Why to make them. How to forgive yourself when you fail to keep your resolutions. That’s why I avoid making them.

Then I stumbled across an article that prompted me to think differently. Not about New Year’s resolutions, but about how I make small, seemingly inconsequential, decisions every day that define how I feel about myself and the way my life is unfolding.

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Evolution Thinking


Something to share:

When I was in my mid-20s, my life went through a series of major changes over the period of a year or so. Some of these changes were forced upon me, some I chose to make happen, and some seemed to present themselves as opportunities that called out to be seized because they felt right in that moment.

During this time, I read a profile on Dr. Jonas Salk, the man who led the development of the polio vaccine. Dr. Salk was working in a small village in Africa, treating people who had never had modern medical care of any kind. He had been doing work of this kind for most of his life after the polio vaccine was completed and the article profiled his life’s journey and the observations and lessons he’d learned along the way.

What caught my attention was Dr. Salk’s concept of living consciously and his own life as something that was in a constant state of evolution. The words below were included as a sidebar to that article and affected me strongly enough that have served as guidepost for my approach to life for years. Read more of this post

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