More Grinch: Christmas Just Keeps On Comin’

Now there are two — not one, but two — radio stations in Virginia Beach playing Christmas music 24 hours-a-day. Why am I convinced it’ll be a trio as soon as I punch the scan button in my car?

You know why.

I don’t understand why any radio market needs two stations playing Christmas music 24/7. What’s next? Dueling renditions of Jingle Bell Rock?

I’m sure there’s a reason, and some way they’re making money off it, but I can’t see either.

That’s two of the first six preset buttons on my car radio, gone until December 26. My soft rock station, gone. Along with my 70s and 80s Favorites. What’s next? (And never mind what my radio presets say about my taste in music. What’s on your preset buttons?)

Programmers beware! Touch classic rock and there will be hell to pay!


And now, on a lighter, yet related note, I share another perspective on this issue:

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